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Special: the journey within - gentle flow & breathwork

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Saturday 15.00 - 17.00
with Céline & Ben

Back for a short visit @mint. Céline has been teaching at mint for a long time. Now she's back for a short visit from Bali :-)

Join us for an extended workshop where we will journey into the heart with the use of asana and breathwork.
Unlock the full potential within, through the use of asana to open up the body and allow the free flow of energy into every corner of your being. And finish the class with a SOMA Breathwork journey to use this openness created to dive deep into the mind and energise, revitalise and restore back to your maximal self. 
This workshop is open to those who haven’t tried Breathwork before and those super experienced breathers! Come as you are and leave feeling light and free from anything that is holding you back from achieving your fullest potential.

Price: CHF55.00 / CHF 45.00 (students)

Teachers: Céline & Ben